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Kate Boyle


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Evie Fuller is quite simply fed up. Single, unemployed and rapidly approaching her thirtieth birthday, she finds London life is weighing heavy. When a month of free language lessons offer an escape route, she heads to Madrid for sun-soaked adventures and a crash course in Spanish culture.  Will a change of scene restore her zest for life?

Follow Evie as she laughs, cries and adjusts to these foreign lands - a shy English girl blossoms under the Spanish sun and discovers the hardest thing about moving abroad is deciding when to come home.

Published April 2018.


Kate Boyle grew up in Essex and gained a first class degree from Bristol University before moving to London. 


A dogged desire to conquer her inability to roll her r’s subsequently led her to Madrid where she spent two and a half blissful years teaching English to a stream of Spaniards.  She never grew accustomed to their regular comments on her pale skin.

Now back in London Kate constantly dreams of the sunny skies of Madrid and persists with the irritating habit of dropping Spanish words into conversation at random. When she’s not revisiting her adopted homeland or trying to perfect the recipe for Spanish tortilla, she can be found in a PR agency by day and writing her second novel by night. She regularly writes for an antiques magazine and has contributed to two architectural books.  Happy as a Partridge is her first novel.

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